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Teaching Leonard Nimoy

I am honored that the great Leonard Nimoy wrote the Foreword for my father’s memoir, “Improvising Out Loud: My Life Teaching Hollywood How To Act” by Jeff Corey with Emily Corey. Leonard studied acting with my father way back when in the days before “Star Trek.” Over time, as Leonard’s acting chops grew, dad asked Leonard to be his substitute teacher whenever, after the Hollywood blacklist ended, dad couldn’t teach a class because he was working on a film. Leonard taught many classes for my father and also became a dear and trusted friend. That friendship lasted for both their lives 

“Cloud Minders” episode of STAR TREK: Jeff Corey, Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner

When Leonard sent me his Foreword, he told me he was, “Sincerely looking forward to seeing this book in print.” Sadly, Leonard left us before he could hold a copy of “Improvising Out Loud” in his hands but I am so grateful for his kind and splendid words. Leonard’s perspective on my father’s work as an acting teacher is personal and vividly describes, as he put it, how he, “Came alive as an actor under Jeff’s guidance.” How lucky for all of us that he did.